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Linda speaks at retreats, conferences, banquets, seminars and workshops.

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Featured Shows:

The Faith Channel

The miracle in Loveland. See what happens when Christians act in real love. This incident is regarding a hurtful depection of our Lord at the Loveland, CO Art Museum. Watch Parts 2 and 3 on the Faith Channel.

The Talk Channel

The real reason for the Mosque at Ground Zero on the Talk Channel.

The Family Channel

This babies laughter will brighten even the worst day! Found on the Family channel.

WSA Bookclub Moment

AWSA Presents Linda Goldfarb and Jennifer Devlin as they discuss her book - Verses We Know by Heart. On the AWSA Bookclub Moment Show on the Book Channel.

Cooking Up Wonders

Linda Evans Shepherd and Penny Carlevato make Russian Chicken on the Cooking Channel.

Most Popular Shows

True Miracles: Miracle Romance

Karen Foster tells about her miracle. Find more True Miracles on the Miracle Channel.

Denver Celebration: How the Holocaust Happened

Former Nazi explains how the Holocaust happened. Part 1. Find Part 2 on the Faith Channel.

Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment

Zone With Dr. Gail Hayes on The Armor of God

Dr. Gail Hayes talks about the Armor of God. Find more of Dr. Hayes on the Work Channel.


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Past Featured

Stephen Kendrick on Must Read TV.

Thelma Wells on the AWSA Bookclub Moment.

Margo Starbuck on the AWSA Bookclub Moment.

Cowboy Cassorole on the Cooking Channel.

DiAnn Mills-True Romance on the Miracle channel.

Dr. Gail Hayes talks about Parenting on the Work channel.

Jonathan Wiggins reachings out to artist.


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