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Looking for a fun Christian Novel to read or give as a gift?

The Potluck Club

***** A reader said, "Six women-six lives with problems and secrets. When the women of the Potluck Club meet monthly in Summit View, Colorado they're tested by more than just the fire cooking their recipes. As their friendships develop, they're tested to accept, with Grace, the things about each other that are hard to swallow. The authors have cooked up a wonderful casserole of characters sure to please even readers with the most discriminating taste. Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different member of the club. Sure to be a delight with a strong Spiritual thread baked in. HIGHLY RECOMMEND " Click HERE for discount.

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Tangled Heart

This is the world's first murder mystery devotional -- with 90 days of suspenseful readings designed to fit into your daily quiet time. As the intrigue unfolds, you'll find an inspirational message woven into the pages of a unforgettable murder mystery, along with your daily Bible reading and prayer.

About the Book:

When Madison took her new job, she thought it would help her marriage. Instead, it puts her relationship on the rocks . . . and her life at risk when she discovers company secrets that point to fraud -- and murder. Madison's race to get the details to the police -- and survive in the process -- leads to a heart-gripping climax that will keep the reader glued to the chair.

More than a fist-clenching suspense story, Tangled Heart is also a daily devotional that uses Scripture and prayer to underline how God works in our everyday lives -- even when our lives are pushed to the brink of disaster. Linda Evans Shepherd once again shows us the importance of daily

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Silver and Gold

Compiled by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson


Some friendships have the radiance of silver. Others prove to be solid like gold. And these relationships grow in value as the years pass.

As these writers remember their most memorable relationships with other women, they all express love and gratitude for friends—the remarkable women in their lives who are as priceless as “apples of silver in settings of gold.” They’re people, quite simply, that we couldn’t live without.

Read contributions from well-known Christian authors and speakers, including Vickey Banks, Allison Gappa Bottke, Linda Dillow, Becky Freeman, Nicole Johnson, Carol Kent, Paula Rinehart, Kendra Smiley, and Leslie Vernick.

So come, join them. Share this book with your treasured friends. Celebrate the friendships as true and timeless as silver and gold.

Intimate Encounters With God

Personal Stories from Women Sharing Real Life Experiences of God's Presence

by Linda Evans Shepherd, Eva Marie Everson, Gayle Roper, Kathy Collard Miller, Nancy Stafford, Donna Partow, Karol Ladd, Deborah Raney, Carol Kent, and many more

Publisher: Honor Books/ Cook Communications
Paperback: 208 pages
ISBN 1562924990

Intimate Moments With God

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Honor Books (April, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN: 1562924982

Intimate Moments with God is a revealing look at women's personal application of Bible verses. Because it's packaged
into delightful short reads it can be used for personal meditation or as a group study of the Bible.

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